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1. How many of you regularly commute within the District?

I've been commuting daily for around four years. Each way is around four miles.

2. If you do commute, do you tend to stick to roads with DDOT-provided bike lanes, or stick with the most direct route, regardless of the presence of bikes lanes?

My commute has a 6 block section of bike lanes. They're nice in theory, but in practice they end up just being additional room for drivers to try and get ahead of other cars, double-park or get a jump on a right-on-red. So in some ways, in my experience, they're more of a hindrance. That said, I think they symbolize the city's intent to make itself more bike-friendly so I support it in the end.

3. If you commute by bike, does your place of employment provide for parking for your bicycle (e.g. racks in the parking structure or in front of office)? Do they allow you to bring your bike into your office or business?

My work (NPR) has a parking garage, which costs money to park in, but it also has a bike rack in the garage part as well as an additional locked room in the garage, with gravity stands, racks and open space to park a bike. It is very convenient and I feel totally confident parking an expensive bike in there without a lock.
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