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Originally Posted by The Weak Link View Post
If your tool is like mine, it provides some tension on the links which I whink would accentuate any stretch.

Trust your tool. If you don't, no one will.
No tension from this tool, it's just a "drop in" style checker. I provide tension myself. Since I provide the tension for both measuring methods I almost think that my technique may not be the culprit. I may take take a bike, the checker and the ruler to the LBS for an explaination of what's going on.

Originally Posted by tsl View Post
^^^ This.

Just ask someone who has just replaced a cassette, RD pulley wheels, and a middle chainring because he used, but ignored his chain checker. Chains are cheaper.

I know that since you have to string several together, chains aren't as cheap for bents, so it throws the whole chains are cheaper than gears equation into a tizzy. But you also use eight or nine-speed chains which are a whole lot cheaper than 10-speed ones. You can buy three 8-speed chains for what one of my 10-speed chains costs.
Yes, financial justification is bass-ackwards on most of my machines. I do have one 9-spd ( the Volae)with a high end cluster, the rest are 8-spds and the chains are the expensive part of the package. I do have two 14' chains on their way to my house and I'll install and closely monitor their wear.

No matter how far I've pushed off replacing chains in the past, I've yet to destroy any rings.
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