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As already mentioned, the screen size is a big drawback...I had to have my fiancee act as navigator to use the 705 as an automotive unit.

A couple other drawbacks are that the 705 has no human voice - it does not "talk" to you: it won't tell you "Turn right in one mile." Instead it beeps when a turn is coming up, which is OK at 15 mph on a relatively silent bicycle, but you could certainly miss the beep at automotive speed, with the engine noise, wind, radio, etc. If you DO hear the beep, you then have to take your eyes off the road, look at the smallish screen and figure out where to turn.

The other problem I experienced was that after making (or perhaps missing) the turn, it takes the 705 as much as 30 seconds to calculate the next turn. That's not a problem on a bike where you travel only about a football field of distance in 30 seconds, but in a car...

Why not just buy a cheap GPS for the car? You can get one for under a hundred bucks, and it will do what it was designed to do.
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