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I do not really have much experience with slick wide tires, since I do prefer some knobbiness on my wides, so I stick with cyclocross-like tires in 35-38.

As far as fast bike tires go, I use to run GP, pretty exclusively (unless there was something on a bike with enough life and used it until needed new ones) and now I really like the gatorskins. They do provide better protection than the GP and the ride is very similar (probably a bit of better braking in the wet as well). The Ultra Gatorskins at 25 are very sweet. The other tire I like a lot, and you might want to give it a shot if you lokle the Open Corsa, is the Vittoria Rubino Pro. What I end up doing these day is to put Rubino Pros on Italian bikes and Gatorskins on the others. I had a bike with 23 inch Pacelas and I did find them ok, but unremarkable (maybe wider Pacelas are better)
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