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Originally Posted by EjustE View Post
Depending on the way you ride, how long you ride and what kind of roads you ride on. A tire with a bit more flat protection is a must for me for every day riding (esp. commuting). If you are doing any non-asphalt riding or there are a lot of debris (sand, leaves, etc on the roads you ride) you might also want to consider a slightly more agressively threaded tire. "Performance" tires, like the ones that offer better grip in turns taken at 35 mph, would not really serve you that much, unless you are racing or riding at these speeds.
The roads here are notoriously bad, the intense winter freeze/thaw cycle just cracks them all up and while I'm almost always on asphalt one can't guarantee what shape it's in. While some better grip going round a corner at 35 would be nice, chances are I don't need it (on this bike anyway). Any specific brand recommended?
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