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Congrats on your purchases unkabin and stringbreaker.

Just bought this same model bike myself and am more than pleased with it out of the box. A mechanic I found on craigslist assembled the bike for me for $25 (hey, it's been 35 years since I have "wrenched" anything so I wanted it to at least "start off" correct... wink. Also, I've been off bikes so long, I didn't recognize the handlebar shifters and he showed me how they worked. doh). Brought the bike home not an hour ago and went for a 5 mile "break-in" already! The only bike part missing that I assumed would come with the bike was a kickstand. Easy fix for $10 from the local Sports Academy.

I got a lightweight front pannier rack off eBay for under $30 and am looking for fenders for about the same price. So, my total "ready to ride" price for the bike will probably be under $750.

Entry-level? Shrug. There are currently at least 3 active cross-country/long-distance (US) tour journals involving Windsor Tourists over on crazyguyonabike right now.

I'm hoping to go on a short tour right after Labor Day - probably 2 weeks, Louisiana to Florida or up the Natchez Trace Parkway. Til then, it'll be "break in the saddle" time (along with "break in my glutes!).

Enjoy guys1
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