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Saddle issues - Need advice on WTB saddles

I am currently riding a Brooks B17 and the shape is perfect, but I am having issues with perineal pain. The pain and irritation is pretty far back, so I am looking at WTB saddles with a channel all the way to the rear of the seat. I picked up the Rocket V Pro SE and the Pure V to given them a try.

The Pure V is nice and wide in the rear, but also has a wide mid section. The Rocket V has a much narrower mid section, but is also narrower in the rear. I am looking for a seat that has a narrow mid shape, but a wide rear section (similar to what the B17 has). When I ride the Pure V, I can fell the pressure from the mid section in my groin and I can feel numbness even after a fairly short distance. There is none with the Rocket V, but I feel like I'm barely perched on the rear of the saddle.

Does WTB make any seats in the "V" line that fit this description?

I currently commute 12-20 miles per day and am interested in longer recreational rides and overnight camping. I weigh just under 160 and have about 1500 miles on the B17 in just under a year. The bike is a LHT with a fairly upright sitting position - think French fit.
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