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The Tracer is a good bike but it is a race bike.
Besides frame material (Chromoly vs Aluminum), what's the difference between a race frame and a frestyle frame? Twitchier geometry? Faster gear ratio? Something else?

You said it is for recreational use, what kind? Most would chose a freestyle for all around riding.
He just wants a cool bike for riding around the neighborhood and the local bike trails. A hybrid of some sort would suit his needs, but he doesn't want an "old people bike." Personally, I don't blame him... I wouldn't have been caught dead on a Townie when I was 10.

Besides that, a good 20" BMX will last him a lot longer than some el-cheapo kid's bike. I only stopped riding my BMX when I traded it in for a 21" frame mountain bike, and even then, that BMX fit and ran just fine after many years of hard use.

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