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Karma credits

I was heading home on a very slow recovery ride and there's a guy stopped and I do the obligatory "need anything?" yell. He mumbles something that I don't understand, so I stop. With my ultra sharp analytical mind, I immediately detect something just might be amiss when I see that he's put a patch on the outside of his tires. I mention that the patch might work better if it was applied to the tube. He says that there's no tube since these are tubeless.

He doesn't have any tire irons, but does try to show me that there's no tube by prying the tires back with his fingers. I've never seen a tubeless tire before, but I have a go at it with my tire irons and I find the missing tube. Another cyclist stops by and offers a spare tube (he had two). The first guy checks the inside of the tire for the offending protrusion and after not finding anything, starts to install the tube. I stop him and I check the outside of the tire and find an imbedded mini-staple.

We get the tube installed and the wheel back on the bike and I take off.

It always feel good helping someone and the way I think that this works is that the karma credits that I just banked will somehow cut my time the next time up Diablo. Isn't that how it works?
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