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Originally Posted by BCRider View Post
Your idea of a stop collar on the post isn't a bad one at all if the other solutions don't pan out.

But before you go with that option try replacing the seatpost clamp with one that uses a bolt instead of a quick action lever. It's MUCH easier to generate serious clamping forces with a bolt as opposed to the lever style and that may be all you need. For longevity of the clamp threads try to get one with a bigger bolt size instead of the small road style clamp bolts. And be sure to grease the threads so you can achieve the clamping tension with lower torque values.
I'm not talking about a stop collar, but inserting a length of tubing into the frame for the seat post to rest against. This would allow the downward force from the seat post to rest against the bottom bracket portion of the frame. The tube will be a nice sliding fit, with a cross pin that would allow it to be tugged out if needed, though it should just slide out. Since the tube and frame is aluminum I don't need to worry about rust freezing them together, but the insert would be greased to help make it easier to remove.
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