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stoogeswoman-...Well, I was a little nervous but what that coyote didn't know was that I'd spent a hectic morning chasing a pack of wild Chihuahuas away from my yard at home..

For some reason I can't get this image out of my mind. I see packs of chihuahuas, foaming at the mouth, running down kids and ole ladies with shopping carts, chomping on their necks.

Kudos for not panicking when you saw the coyote. You kept your head and sped toward the coyote - a ballsy move. Cool!!!

Glad you decided to use your Schwinn for what you originally wanted to do - riding in the park. Great move of the bike shop to give you a cage for the water. It pays for itself if you come back again to them.

I just solved a problem with my new Speed D7 and should be enjoying more of the folder starting tomorrow.

Regardless of the problem I encountered, I'm glad I made the purchase. It's a beautiful bike.

I think in the days to come, you'll enjoy your folder more and more.

Good riding.

P.S. When you've ridden on it awhile, post a review of it. I plan to do the same, for my folder, once I've ridden it a few weeks.

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