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For mtb wider tires like 1.75" and up width it works well. For hi press narrower hybrid or road tires, not so much. I ride slime in my mtb, and it had patched a few holes, but still, I wouldn't go anywhere further away without at least one spare tube and a patch kit. It simply makes it possible that you will go longer between tube replacements, not completely eliminate them.
Also, weight of the slime makes it noticeably harder to accelerate, as it sloshes around the tubes. Not that much, but definitively noticeable. And sometimes it is known to plug the things its not supposed to, like valve cores, so sometimes a valve core tool and a few replacement valve cores can come in handy if you do not wish to have to throw away an otherwise perfectly good tube. So it has it pros and cons, its up to you to decide.
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