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Here's my chopper. It's some old BMX frame that I extended the wheelbase on by bolting on pieces from the rear triangle of a junky mountain bike. One day a week, my mother-in-law babysits my one-year-old, so I have to drive to her house in the morning to drop him off. I built this ride over the weekend so I could keep it locked up near her place (which is only about a ten-minute ride to work), park my car in her garage, and then tool over to the office. Yesterday was the inaugural ride and I got plenty of funny looks while cruising through downtown Boston in my work clothes. It helps that I'm 6'4", so I look especially absurd on this thing, even though it's pretty comfortable to ride. (As you can perhaps tell, the emphasis in this build was on keeping costs and attractiveness down, since the bike has to be locked outside most of the time. Most of the parts were from the garbage, but I had to buy the copper pipe, er, I mean the seat post at Home Dep-- the LBS, and the wheels, fork, and saddle came from a cheap kids' bike from Target. Total cost: $40.)

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