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love the HOP - will be there tomorrow morning...riding from Union City to the HOP, then Diablo and home. Gonna be a long day - going with a buddy training for LOTOJA (206 mile day race) I usually just ride out do the HOP and ride home for about 90 miles. Pace isnt bad there is a few spots where it ramps up. When you learn where these spots are its much easier as you conserve and prepare...gotta admit it was a lot harder when i did it at 185 in comparison to the last time at 173 getting the race legs back for some Cx goodness

i will be at the PEETS - hollar if ya see me, i will do the same.

p.s. have yet to try the lite version

here is my best take at the pace

HOP - sitting in = strong 3, driving the pace at the pointy end and going for the sprints C1-2

HOP Lite = C4

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