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Fixing/replacing a bent fork

I realized recently that my 2005 Fuji Touring has at some point gotten its fork bent. I was wondering for a while why the paint was peeling of the back of the fork.

I haven't been in any accidents on it so it must have been when it was getting shipped on the train. There was also one time when I had to emergency brake. But that shouldn't be strong enough to bend a fork, should it?

The bike is a touring bike so the fork is presumably pretty thick steel. It shouldn't be dangerous to ride, should it? The fork was probably bent four weeks ago or so and only realized the fork was bent a week ago, and things have been fine so far.

Does any shop in San Diego (preferably near La Jolla) do fork-bending, and if so, how much does it usually run? Otherwise, I'm looking for a 1" touring fork to fit a 58cm with a long headtube. If anyone has one in black, chrome, silver, or yellow, I'd be interested.

I'm also looking at new options. The geometry on the bike is a bit uncommon, with a 70 degree head angle and a 60mm fork rake according to a random website:

The only aftermarket fork I can find out there is a Tange with only a 45mm rake:
I don't find the bike's handling to be off with a bent fork, so I could see a new fork working.

Or I could wait for these funny Rivendells. Hopefully they'd be priced well as a factory second:

So, my questions are:
1. Am I putting myself at much risk riding on the bent fork until I get the bike fixed? There is no frame damage.
2. Anyone know shops around here that can fix this?
3. Are there any other new fork options out there?
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