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Hey everybody! I got a CAAD9 less than a week ago and I just noticed something .
On my LBS's website the specs say that the bike is supposed to have a 10 speed rear cog set:
Can I encourage you not to bother your shop about this? If I understand your post you bought the bike and then a few days later noticed an errant spec sheet on the dealer's website and are now seeking to have them conform your purchase to an expectation you never had. You examined the bike and purchased it without any knowlege of the web description. You didn't rely on what is obviously an honest typographical error and thus have no claim against the shop.

Helen's Cycles options are either: A) Give you a discount (which could be accessories) that satisfies you, B) Install a 10 speed 105 brifter and 10 speed cog, or C) give you a refund.
This is wrong. I think you could have a claim for a refund if you relied on the advertisement on your detriment and then were somehow fooled into not examining the bike before taking it home but as you note above you didn't. Taking this up with your bike shop will be annoying for them and embarassing for you.
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