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Great-this thread actually works!

One thing I forgot to mention which is relevant to this thread is that the other mod I made to the Mezzo d10 is to replace the "slippery when wet" pedals with folding MKS FD6 pedals, which work very well.
As for the front bag you mention, see the Dutch Ori site:
I have emailed them for more info.

I totally agree that there is no advantage to the Brompton when travelling by train in the UK or Europe-the Mezzo is just fine. However, I am planning some trips further afield that will require air travel and the prospect of the availability of the B-Pod hard case for the Brompton swayed me to get one. I am told by Brompton (who unlike Mezzo are pretty swift about getting back email responses to enquiries) that "we have had issues with our supplier and working up to a full production model has taken longer than we�d like. We are not quite certain of an exact launch date yet but we are expecting it to be at the tail end of this year" i.e. 2010.
I know that some airlines are pretty good, e.g. see the post by atman at:
However, I am in the UK and don't expect the same kind of customer service from our budget airlines that they get in the US, so I want a case that protects the bike and that is checkable on budget airlines.

Coming back to the luggage issue, I really don't like the front luggage on the Brompton for touring, it looks like it would make a very effective sail, and people I know who use it tell me that it really affects the bike in headwinds. For this reason I looked for a Brompton rack bag solution that would be as good as the Mezzo's. The rackbag that Brompton supply is too small at 16 litres for my kind of even credit card touring. So I bought the larger bag, also made by Radical Design, from This is about 20 litres. However, it did not have the velcro strap to secure the bag around the seat post a la Mezzo so I got one put on.
This works well.
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