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Thanks for the link to the front bag, that is different form the Mezzo front bag I have seen. This was a soft nylon mesh one. Need to ask the owner where they got it from as it is good to have as many options as possible.

I'd be very interested to hear about that. At the moment I use an Ortlieb bag for touring with Klickfix to the handlebars. I use the same bag for the Brompton but use G´┐Żnter Schwirkschlies adaptor to attach it to the Brompton's front bag mount-almost as good as the Mezzo!
See below for an illustration

Have you tried removing the mezzo stem for folding. I have not but it looks like it would then pack small enough for a suitcase.
I did mess about with the Mezzo stem to see if I could get it in a smallish suitcase and came to the conclusion that the whole point was not to have to disassemble the bike, so I gave up.

In answer to Coolio, yes it comes with a rack.
I just weighed my Mezzo d10 and it is 12.6 kg (27.6 lbs). However, that is with a Brooks Flyer Special saddle which adds about 0.7 kg to the bike. I got the sprung Flyer saddle to provide a little protection against bumps, which it does. This weight is not so different from my Brompton S6R-X9 (sport bars, 6 speed, rack and mudguards and titanium bits), which is 11.7 kg (25.6 lbs). So if you don't change the saddles, the difference in weight is negligible. Both bikes have Ergon GC2 grips which are great and don't impair either fold.

I couldn't tell you the price of a base Mezzo in dollars but here in the UK the above specced Brompton comes in at around 1250 pounds and you can get a Mezzo D10 for around 900 pounds. Obviously these are top of the range so you could do much better than this. For example bhkyte has worked wonders with the much less expensive versions of the Mezzo, see the posts.

One thing I would say to anyone considering a Brompton-don't buy the bike cover-get the Mezzo one instead, it's packs smaller, it's lighter and works just fine if you encounter an obnoxious bus driver-it's also cheaper than the Brompton bag.

Finally on the subject of the Brompton, with the 6 speed there is (IMO) an extremely irritating 2 lever system, one for the hub gears, the other for the two-position derailleur. My LBS changed the 3-speed lever changer to a Sturmey- Archer 3-speed twist grip (TSS33 R3) which works OK.
Of course the big advantage of the Mezzo is that you don't have to put up with the Brompton's clunky gear system so that commonly available and standard derailleur or hub systems can be fitted if you feel like making a mod to suit you (coming back to the theme of the thread).
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