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I read things like this and consider myself fortunate that the people at both LBS in my town seem to have it together.

Not everyone on the staff is excellent in all areas. Indeed there are times when I learn something from a book, magazine or this forum that is unfamiliar to all who work in my LBS, including the owner.

There is certainly more knowledge extent in the shop about products they sell than on products outside their lines or those that they might have to special order.

One of the greatest services they perform is to admit they are unfamiliar with a product and explore for new knowledge with me. It takes a bit of effort to determine where the pockets of knowledge are in both of these stores. The MTB expert isn't the one I'd discuss road stuff with, though I would certainly let him ring up a purchase when I already know what I need.

Though not true of the bike shops in town, it isn't unusual to see stores in my town where the person on the floor is just there to ring things up, give directions and occupy the floor so that people are less tempted to help themselves.

No one person, even in a bike shop is capable of knowing everything about everything related to our sport. Each though is certainly capable of learning who does know what about what. They should be willing to help by directing you to the right person or simply saying that they don't know.

I'm fortunate in that my LBS are interested in my overall cycling experience and appear not to be focused on making certain that they make an immediate sale. At the same time, they also know that I am strongly loyal to them.
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