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I'm not convinced luck played a major role. I've had knives stopped at TSA twice, and the length of the blade doesn't seem to matter. Not sure what to tell you about the spoke, except that there have been months in the last decade when you'd have to be insane or desperate to fly at all: I've been hassled over a single allen wrench, but those are explicitly allowed now.

I always leave enough time to deal with unforeseen events when traveling, and don't recommend trying to gate check a bike if you don't have the time to go back to the check line. As for whether a bike is allowed through security, well, it isn't on the list of prohibited items in the sterile zone. No one saw a problem, and I'm hardly the only person to travel this way.

Anyway, I intend to update this thread from time to time with more data points. We'll just have to see if this experience was exceptional or not!
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