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Personal Saddle Test Program; where to begin?

I commute (on weekends when the weather's nice - so not anywhere near as often as I should or would like as I'm too lazy) and ride recreationally on an old mountain bike that I and the previous owner have sort of roadified into a bomb-proof commuter with slicks, drop bars, stem shifters, and aero-brake levers (also fenders and a rack and heavy as sin so not really all that road bike-like).

My next step is taking care of the saddle situation. Currently, I have a WTB Rocket V on there which is pretty comfortable, I guess through most of the ride, but, when I start to tire, I end up sitting further back on the saddle (and with more weight on the saddle) and something about the channel location bugs me. Don't know if my weight is on the seams on the edge of the channel (so each sitz bone is half on half off - though I doubt this as I'm a bigger guy) or what the situation is, but it starts to get a bit uncomfortable after a while.

Since saddles are a personal thing and I didn't think someone's recommendations would necessarily work for me, I decided to make my own saddle trial program, by buying several (I ended up with 6) relatively decent used saddles in good condition (so I could resell the ones that didn't work for me without a huge hit) on ebay for an average of $20-$25 with shipping. Wasn't sure what I was looking for, so I got a wide variety (but somehow only ended up with saddles from 2 makers).

Anyway, now I have all these saddles that I want to try out, and am looking for suggestions of where in my stack of new saddles I should begin. I know my butt is different from everyone one of yours, but if there's one saddle among the list that you think is just awesome, let me know and I'll start there. Once I find one that works, I'll probably keep trying the rest to see if any work better, and then the ones that don't work are going back on ebay.

So what I have to try: Selle San Marco Regal, Selle San Marco Rolls, Selle San Marco Blaze, Fizik Pave, Fizik Arione Tri 2 (yeah I know it's a tri saddle, but I'm trying a wide variety), and Fizik Vitesse (yes, I am aware it's a women's saddle, but I'm a clyde and it's only 150 mm and I'd heard other clydes saying it worked for them).

So ideas of what I should try first? If not I think I'm going to start with the San Marco Rolls as it just looks pretty.
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