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I'd be glad to help. It's as simple as it looks, I just used a picture of some powergrips as blueprints for mine.

Some tips:

- Get a belt that is stiff and difficult to bend. This will keep your "powergrips" open which will make entrances easier.
- Put large washers over your nuts/bolts where the bolts contact the strap. This will help keep them from pulling through. (Unfortunately, I didn't put large washers on, and I'm not sure how long they will last as-is.)
- As you can see in the picture, fold the strap length-wise where it gets bolted down.
- Make sure you cut it to the right length! This is most important. My belt doesn't have much stretch to it, so the straps will only be really tight with the shoes they were designed for. I made mine to fit my winter boots, so when I wear tennis shoes they're a little loose.

Good luck! I hope this helps.
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