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I have not traveled by air with my PR yet, I have a trip planned for next month. I have traveled with it by car, and it has been a real joy. It gets a lot of stares when I pull it out and unfold it, and I have had more than one cyclist ask to ride it a little and they were amazed how it feels like a full bike.

I've had some gearing problems, I agreed to try changing one cog in the cassette to make a more gradual downshift, but what I have found is that the real derailler chatters, or it jumps that gears. True to BF form, they offered to pay shipping, and will put the original gearing in for free. I've had the bike about 6 months, and this is the second time they have paid to ship it both directions to help me with a problem.

I'm currently having my permanent stem made, I can't wait to see it! I love the bike, the service is flat out amazing. My local bike shop is a bunch of losers with no competition, and they are afraid to work on my weird bike, but I have found ways around them.

Now, turn about is fair play - I'm interested in custom Serottas! I ride a Trek right now, and I'm interested in a triathlon race bike, and maybe another training bike. I'm picky about fit, and I'm interested in the long races (1/2 Ironman and Ironman), so I want good fit for a race bike. I want my race bike set up for aerobars, and my training bike set up more for regular bars, but with aerobars to rest on from time to time. I can't afford 2 new bikes right now. Suggestions?
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