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It's kinda neat how the LBS concept exists in cycling ..... maybe if we were all walkers we'd talk about our LSS (local shoe store) but we're all essentially drivers in the USA anyway and there sure isn't the same feeling of attachment towards local auto machanics or Pep Boys/Kragans. Maybe it's because bike shops are relatively quiet, usually friendly, and social places. And bikes are so "human scale", you can have the mechanic at the LBS work on the bike, or do it yourself, and they'll often show you how it's done. You can meet riding buddies at the LBS and run into old friends, find out about local rides coming up, etc. Yeah sometimes the closest LBS has a jerk working there, or worse, a jerk running it, but compare LBS's and "car places" (dealerships, shops, parts places) and it sure shows the difference between bike and car culture.
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