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Originally Posted by paul2432 View Post
I got my first sort of angry response the other day. It was about -15F so I got the usual "you didn't ride in today did you?"s, to which I respond "yup I did." Most people then say, "man that is crazy" to which I respond "its not that bad." which typically ends the conversation, which was nothing more than small talk to begin with. This particular time I go the follow up, "No its crazy, you are crazy". He actually seemed annoyed that I had ridden in. This was at the breakup of a meeting and we were headed in opposite directions so the conversation ended, but I wonder where it would have gone.

Stupid people get angry to offload their frustrations. Drivers are often annoyed when they sit in endless traffic while cyclists zip through and disappear ahead of them. I mean, how dare they?! They should be stuck in traffic like them too, right? Others are simply jealous that they don't have the balls to do something like that or are still frustrated from their subway ride.

I don't remember, I think it was Tue, ice and snow on the roads, slow traffic, coming to a red light, I took a full lane because of the snow piled up on the right and this frustrated f***tard cabbie honks at me, and honks... He has nowhere to go, he just honks so I get away so he can move 4 feet closer to the red light. I back up to his window and, before he says anything, I said: "You shouldn't drive in this weather, ice everywhere, it's dangerous. Shoulda stayed home man" He just sat there with his mouth opened... I guess he didn't expect that.

Some time last week, I got honked by another impatient cretin when going grocery shopping. I asked him if he would rather prefer more cars on the road in this weather - I wasn't his problem, his problem was the traffic caused by other idiots in cars driving in this s***ty weather, so he's just being a dumb d***k, and I waved to him as I rode away, he was still stopped in the traffic.

I think people are getting fed up with the weather because I wasn't honked at for a long time. Gotta watch out then, as there may be more annoyed, frustrated, impatient drivers on the roads these days.

I will never understand why people honk in situations like this: whatever it is in front of them will not disappear suddenly just because they honk. In particular if there is a backed up traffic or a red light in front of them. The horn should be connected to a electric shocker in the driver's seat: each time a person honks they'd get an electric jolt that would get stronger if they honk repeatedly in a short period of time to the point the driver will pass out and stop honking
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