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Originally Posted by Cambariere View Post
Thank you all very much!!!

I like your sense of humour.

The problem was that I look a lot of trailers and sidecars on the web, but didīn made any calculations. The L section I used was way too big and heavy, probably haf the size is enought.
The aluminium idea is great, but I donīt know how to work with it!
The wood is nice, I love wood, but is too heavy aswell.

There us no point on trying to fix this one, I will do another. I really enjoyed doing this one, so itīs no ptoblem at all.

Itīs attach with two (((Iīm not sure if this is the name in english))) screws and nuts. I place a rubber wahser between each part so the bike can turn corners in a natural way. Does it makes any sense to you. Sorry, my english is not perfect, but my "technical englihs" sucks. Iīm trying to attach more picture, but it seems impossible now, I donīt get it!!!

Thank you all again, you have all great ideas, itīs funny how everyone aproachs to the problem from a differnet angle.
Aluminum is fairly easy to work with, it is similar to working with the steel. It can be welded but that is a special process, it can be drilled and bolted just like steel.

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