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Often suffered from lower back issues before I got into jogging and then eventually weights as well some 44 years ago. I figure that it was due to being a couch potato to age 26 due primarily to Asthma. Now at 71, I started get bouts of lower back pain again now and then.

The worst thing we do to our backs is sit in chairs. If we sat on the floor, we'd be better off. Can't do much about chairs though some sit at their PCs on exercise balls.

For most, the issue is insufficient muscle development for support and alignment. I've solved my issue (so far) with a hyper extension bench that also converts to a Roman chair. I got this particular one, but not from Amazon as I got it cheaper:

There are many price ranges out there. This particular one has the best pads, very stable and the most compact. Some physical therapy programs use these.

I got to a point where I developed an ache near the end of my typical 19-mile trail-ride especially I let too many days go by between rides.

I didn't want to raise the bars as I like them low for climbing. Though mountain biking exercises the back to some degree as you use a lot of body English, I doubt road does at all.

The bench did the trick rather quickly. I've generally avoided exercises that isolate muscle groups preferring more total-body work-outs. In this case, I figured I needed a focused exercise.

By the way, rest for back issues is not a good idea unless one has really bad pain. It needs to be worked. I always avoid pain killers as much as possible, much preferring the pain as feedback on how much to push it.

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