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Originally Posted by sknhgy View Post
are there any insulated pants out there?.......... I wish there was a one-piece pant. Seems like there's so many types of coats for the upper body. What one-piece gament works for the legs?.......... I'm looking for one-piece convenience.
I'll second the Sporthill XC pants. Originally designed as a cross-country ski pant that could quite possibly be the best winter cycling pant out there. A loose fitting comfortable pant that is totally windproof and coldproof. I commute in the morning with these over my workpants when its below 25f. I'll add leg warmers below 10f to -10. I wear them by themselves in the aftn when its above 20. They're not cheap ($105). But you'll find them cheaper if you search around. I found a pair on Amazon for $65 w/ free shipping.
Their jackets make excellent mid-layers also. I wear a showers pass on the outside with a Sport Hill Symmetry jacket underneath. I wear that all winter regardless of the temp. If I need more warmth I'll add a long sleeve fleece shirt or jersey.

Update 10/16/12; I have two pair of the Sport Hill XC pants. The one pair are going on its sixth winter and still look brand new. I expect to get many years out of these pants, unless I crash on the road and tear a hole in them. Then they're ruined. Can't recommend enough.

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