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Ok I know this is about a 2 year old post, but I know the best (safest) way to get from Memorial Park to Hershey park.. I live around Memorial at Briar Forest and have gone several different ways and found this to be the safest/fastest.
-Follow Memorial Dr. At the fork (left lanes go 610, right lanes go Memorial and Woodway? I think?), go Memorial/Woodway.
-Keep following Memorial Dr. (sidewalk only on left side of street at some parts-don't ride on the street) all the way to where it hits San Felipe/Briar Forest.
-Follow San Felipe (turns into Briar Forest)
-Take a right on Memorial Dr. (I know.. sounds silly)
-Follow Memorial Dr. (sidewalk only.. bikers prohibited) (It will be a bit curvy, so stay on Memorial and don't go straight on Bunker Hill when they intersect)
-You will go over a wooden bridge then see tennis courts on the right (Memorial Forest Club). The street immediately past it is Plantation. Turn right on Plantation (because the sidewalk ends on Memorial at Gessner coming up)
-Turn left on the second left at Rip Van Winkle
-Turn left at Frostwood
-Take immediate right (on sidewalk) on Memorial
Now here's where you can go one of two ways, but I think they closed Hershey at one entrance due to construction (not sure if it's open yet), so I'll give you the way that I know will work currently.
-Stay on Memorial all the way to Beltway 8 (try to get to the left sidewalk of Memorial b/c it will make easier when you get to BW) Be careful though.
The other way from Memorial would be to turn left on Boheme, then left on BW8 (sidewalk), then right across from the parking lot of Hershey, you take a left and wind around over BW8 without having to cross BW. But as I said, last time this entrance was closed. good luck
-At Beltway (hopefully on left side) wait for northbound traffic to stop then walk bike across when you have a green light. Then wait for southbound traffic to stop and walk bike across.
-Go left along BW8 sidewalk (southbound). Voila, you're there
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