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As far as i know, the Fuji Touring never had a carbon fork and I wouldn't especially recommend one for touring. Carbon forks are typically made with road bikes in mind not touring bikes. So either the bike isn't a Fuji Touring or someone replaced the fork with a carbon one. If the fork was replaced I'd have to wonder if the bike was crashed. I'd almost certainly pass on a used Fuji Touring with a carbon fork.

Maybe the bike is a different model. The name Fuji World does sound familiar, but I'd still suspect that if it has a carbon fork it probably was not designed for loaded touring.

As far as the Windsor Touring goes... It is $599 delivered, the $699 one is the Motebecane Gran Turismo. I like my Windsor Touring just fine, three of us did the Trans America together on them and some other fairly major tours. The Gran Turismo is supposedly an updated version, but I personally much prefer the STI shifting on the Windsor vs the bar ends on the Gran Turismo.

It would have been better IMO if that had just offered a Windsor with upgraded wheels and lower gearing.

That said both are nice bikes for the price if they are equipped that way you want them. If, like me, you strongly prefer brifters the Windsor is nice. Otherwise maybe the Gran Turismo might be a better choice.

Of course there are lots of other good choices on the market if neither of those suit you.
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