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I found this thread doing some research on a 1989 or 90 Peugeot SLX, maybe a 1990 Chorus that recently passed through my hands (long story).

During the late 1980s, probably 1988 and 1989, Peugeot made a wide variety of bikes with fade paint jobs using different kinds of better quality frame tubes.

The models varied from market to market. They produced different bikes for France, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, the US and Canada.

These bikes had frames made with Reynolds 501, 531, 531C, 531P, 653 and 753R. Also Columbus SLX and maybe Columbus SL plus Super Vitus 980.

The US models were the Chorus, Sante, Deauville, Biarriatz, Athena,Triathlon and others.

The Arivis was one of the top models in the UK in 1988 with a Reynolds 531P frame plus a Shimano 105 gruppo. In Canada the Aravis was a lower priced model.

In the Netherlands and Germany Peugeot sold the similar Galibier model with Campy Athena components.

All of these frames used the same geometry as far as I can tell.

This is my 1988 Biarritz with a Super Vitus 980 frame and a Shimano 600 gruppo. Some of the earlier models were all red.

Here's a 1988 Aravis frame from the UK. It's made of Reynolds 531P tubing which was almost as light as 753. The Canadian Avavis bikes were a different model altogether.

This is my 1988 Chorus with a Reynolds 753 frame and a Campy Chorus gruppo. These were all white for the French market.

The 1989 Chorus 753 was two tone blue with gaudy color splashes.

This is my newly acquired two tone blue 1989 Chorus 753 frame with gaudy color splashes. I have a NOS/almost NOS Chorus gruppo for it.

I mentioned above a 1989-90 Peugeot SLX or Chorus SLX. Here's some pictures of it.

Every time I do a search, I seem to find a different variation of this series of Peugeots. I don't think that they built a lot of them but they sure built a lot of varieties.

I love the way my 1988 Chorus rides and handles. It's in the same league as my 1985 Raleigh Team Pro and my 1984 and 1990 Gitane Team Replicas.

Last year I was looking for one of the UK model Aravis bikes or frames. I found the 1988 US model Biarritz pictured above on eBay.

I liked the red and white fade on the Aravis and I figured the Biarritz would ride and handle the same.

It rides and handles identically to the 1988 Chorus. It's a 9.5 out 10 condition wise which is great for a 23 year old bike.

I liked the 1988 Biarritz so much that I picked up a second frame and assembled it with a mix of Shimano 600 and 105 parts for an everyday rider. It rides that same as the other two 1988 Peugeots.

Je ne sais quoi... There something about the steel framed French bikes from the 1980s. They got it right with the perfect blend of light weight tubing and frame geometry.

Also the workmanship is very acceptable!

Chas. verktyg
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