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its a tough call really. if you like the frame then i say upgrade and you can always move your new parts over to a new frameset if you like. i will warn you now though that get out of control and expensive fast!!! ive spend at least twice if not three times as much on parts as i did for the bike! on the other hand its fun and enjoyable and it really let you make the bike yours and not just some cookie cutter pulled off the shelf at the local bike shop. you should be able to sell your old parts as well to make up for some of the difference as well but you might want to hang on to them if you plan to move the upgraded parts to a new frame later on.

oh and by the way rival and force are basicly the same the only difference is weight and most of that is in the crank. so if you go with the new bike route you arent missing much there other than a few grams. the performance (maybe minus the crank) is the same.
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