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Originally Posted by Dan Burkhart View Post
As mentioned before, Wheels Mfg. is probably the best, most complete source for hangers. They are also superior in strength to many OEM hangers, which may or may not be a positive when considering the hanger is designed to be the weak link to save frame damage.
Usually, you can pick your hanger by carefully comparing the one you have to the picture here.
It can be a bit difficult finding a match if your current one is mangled, however.
I'm almost certain that the one in the link is exactly the same as the one i bought from, it even has the same frames listed as compatible. It is a rare frame i admit but the real problem is that the one i bought it from knows nothing about the bike or where to find parts for it (he had it shipped from Germany by a friend) so no luck there. By comparison i bought the wrong hanger so trying doesn't help me.
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