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Bikes: Sun X3-SX recumbent trike

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I really should have discs in my low back and neck replaced, or fused together. The thing of it is, I know what I'm dealing with now and never know how the surgeries will come out. (I was told by my orthopedist; unless I was ready for suicide over the pain, don't @#%*ing mess with surgery!!!)

I go to a chiropractor, but not much anymore, use an inversion table, a clip to my belt portable Tens unit and have taken pain meds for the last 28 years. I've also had surgery to both shoulders, both elbows and the left bicep tendon repaired. Better, but live with pain. So anyway, that gives you an idea what I'm dealing with.

I tried an upright DF bike and got too much pressure on my low back to be able to enjoy it. It also didn't do wonders for shoulders/elbows. Whenever I sit I need to have the back part of the chair reclined. I have driven my car and seat in the big rig like this before it was in style with the kids nowadays. (Not quite to their can't control the car, or where the little turtle head pops up to see over the dash extreme...but it's enough that they probably think, look at that old dude trying to be cool. On the recumbent I don't get any more pain from it than I was already in...well, sometimes it, or anything can make things worse that normally doesn’t.

Does the seating positing sound anything like the way your wife sits to be comfortable? If so, then a recumbent might work for her. Might check with her doctor, or chiropractor if it's just the seating position, pedaling, or a combination of the two causing more problems?

I have a Sun X3-SX delta trike that I got to run my dog. Maybe a trike might work better for your wife over something with 2 wheels. There wouldn't be any of the balancing issues to throw into the mix that might make it worse on her back.


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