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Originally Posted by Scrodzilla View Post
The trailer for this actually looks decent and of course there are going to be haters. No, there doesn't "need" to be films like this. On the other side of the coin, there doesn't really "need" to be films about anything. I like watching movies about things I'm interested in and fixed gear bikes are obviously something that interests me.

I'd rather watch this than some cgi explosionfest starring some Nicolas Cage or some other meathead I can't relate to. I guess I'm lame.
+1 (though I wouldn't call Nick Cage a meathead )

This trailer looks great. The picture quality in MASH sucked, there was no story, it got really boring after the first watch. Same goes for Macaframa (though the quality was a bit better).

If the video is really that high quality, I'd definitely watch it.
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