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My Panaracer Minits Tough tires are what you'd expect of a narrow, slick tread tire: quick acceleration, roll forever, bumpy ride. Nothing too different from any other tire with similar specs. The wow factor really kicks-in in at high speed. Whereas most tires I've ridden seem to show more rolling resistance the faster you ride, these tires do not have that characteristic at all. No matter how fast you push them, they simply respond with no added rolling resistance. These tires remind me a lot of the Greenspeed Scorchers, except with a much narrower width.

The only thing I am hesitant to comment on at this point is durability and puncture resistance. Though they are marketed as "designed specifically for urban commuters", I won't be convinced until after 2 weeks of torture testing on the streets of downtown SF. I can say, however, that I wouldn't buy them again as they ride far too rough for urban commuting. I miss being able to just bomb over rail car tracks and buckled pavement and potholes like I could with the larger, heavier Kenda Kwests.

I really wish IRC would bring back their 20x1.25 Metro tire.
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