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Originally Posted by Michael Shaw View Post
Found a beat-up old bike today at a garage sale for $5 - a Carraro Made in Italy & looking pretty rough.

The levers are Campagnolo, brakes are Balilla, both derailleurs are Campagnolo, (Valentino on the rear).

Paint looks rough but all else seems OK.

Is Carraro a good bike ?

Can't say much without pictures, but if Valentino is original equipment, it was likely a low-end bike-boom bike.

Probably one rung up from the bottom of the line though, since the Italians (incredibly) thought more of Valentino than Simplex DRs at the time. (The Valentino is possibly the worst shifting deraileur of all time. I'd guess it has some value these days though as a Campy curiosity, for that very reason.)
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