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Originally Posted by Mr. Shadow
Welcome to the world of fixed gear riding. Once I got my first one set up my geared bikes has seen almost no road or trail usage. I do cross train on mountain bike trails geared with full suspension though. Riding fixed sure has improved my spin.

I never had much of a problem from day one, but we all get reminded by the pedals occasionally. I use platform pedals so it's not hard to get going. My knees are old and
my gearing is as high as 52/16 so I use my brake(s) to stop with.

Some fixie riders hop off their bikes in motion and grab it by the saddle as it goes underneath them. I just come to a stop, put my left leg down, then swing my right leg over to dismount.

I go as fast, if not faster riding fixed. It's actually easier to go fast once you find a good cadence.
no fancy dismounts for me, unless you call almost doing a face-plant fancy. it's reassuring to hear I'm not the only one who can't stop the wheels a-turning I guess I won't feel so conscious about using the front brakes as much, though I'll still see if I can find the best rhythm so slow this beast down.
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