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the dangerous part about beginning fixed where the bike tries to throw you off happens when your subconscious bike brain forgets you are on a fixey... i find your brain takes about a week to get rewired and not screw up.. but everytime you ride a freewheel for a day or two, be careful when you get back on that fixey. one time i had a long stint of being off the fixey, and i began riding fixed again with no prob, but then one day i was doing like 26mph on a busy 2 lane artery of santa cruz when there was a truck blocking traffic in one lane, i looked back to switch lanes and my freewheeling brain took over for a split second and i almost flipped over my bars while looking backwards... i gritted my teeth and thanked the fixed lord for not taking me. lol

the feeling of almost being thrown is impossible to recreate intentionally, you have to actually revert to the freewheeling mentality. it's like punching yourself in the face and somehow not expecting it, not possible.
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