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I built up my first track bike a little over year ago and and never rode freewheel again. One day i found a Pinarello roadbike for cheap and thought it would be good to buy. I took the bike out for a test run and wondered why the pedals weren't coming back up like i'm used to. It felt really awkward and i felt like i had less control. I bought the Pinarello but it hasn't seen pavement since, just been sitting on my trainer, gears need a fixin too but i don't know jack about that. What a shame huh? No worries, i got some clipless shoes and pedals and will be taking it out soon. Riding fixed does feel a lot better than freewheel, it's like going to the park on a nice sunday afternoon and having margaritas after. good times.

PS. i agree with the folks that say lower your gearing, it makes skidding much easier, it'll be easier on your knees and you'll thank yourself when your climbing hills. I used to ride 77 gear inches, which is near where you're at now and i didn't mind it at all, it wasn't so bad but i came down to 72 and things are so much nicer now.
Ode to the after work nap ( ride your bike instead)

Ode to the nap
The evil, evil nap
It lures
you suc***b
But only with good intent
Shortly I will rise
But you do not.
Do not suc***b
To the evil, evil nap
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