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Originally Posted by Ken Cox
I ride with a newspaperboy bag for the summer.
All cotton, it feels cool and comfortable.
I purchased an eyelet kit from the local fabric store; the kind with a punch and anvil that one hits with a hammer to seat the eyelets.
After a little experimentation, I found the best places to put the eyelets, and I run a bungee from an eyelet on the bag to an eyelet on the chest strap, and this stabilizes the bag just like a Chrome bag's stabilizing underarm/chest strap does.
I carry a ton of stuff.
It sits across my hips in back and doesn't shift.
I feel cool no matter how hot it gets, and I love it.
I'll get someone to take a picture of me riding with it and post it on Saturday.
thats the kinda stuff i'm looking to hear. I like the bungee system for stabilization but i am personally morre comfortable riding with the bag higher up on my back. To do so, the shoulder strap has to be pretty tight, and therefore, easily adjustable. Do you have, or know of a system easily achieved with homemade parts (like home depot rings or something) to make an adjustible shoulder strap?
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