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I am in the brainstorming (a.k.a. "design") portion of my trailer build. I am about 97% sure of these:
Use 3/4 conduit, bent and then brazed (assuming I can do it outdoors with enough ventilation I don't drop dead from the toxic fumes)
Hitch attaches to the frame.
Based on using wheelchair wheels. (I have already secured a wheelchair that will be cut apart for my use.)

The wheels are my question. They wheels are the typical plastic/resin/whatever material with a chromed metal 'hand rail' attached. Does the hand rail thing add any structural benefit? I am liking the idea of removing it, but really it would be removing them for purely cosmetic reasons. I don't want to weaken the wheels just because I think it will look better without the handrail.

I keep going back and forth on my opinion:
1) Yes, since it is metal and bolted on at every 'spoke', the wheel is design with the added structural stability of the hand rail factored in.
2) No, the wheel will be plenty strong without the hand rail. The hand rail is purely functional and not structural.

Anyone want to weigh in?
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