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Originally Posted by prone View Post
bhkyte started this thread for people to post about upgrades to mezzo bikes, so here is my attempt to revive it.
I recently (actually my LBS) fitted a Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub to my Mezzo 10.
It is a fantastic improvement, and didn't really require too many mods, no new swingarm, just a new wheel.
It is heavier, about another 1 Kg, but in my opinion well worth it. Other issues are the hub interferes with the full slotting in of the front mudguard strut into the Sockal clip, but this is solvable.
Two holidays with it so far and very impressed by the hub.
That sounds tasty, very jealous. Mezzo need to offer a good IGH or a cespro, (apparantly not compactable, but MAtt52 claims to have fitted one), as standard. The Shimano Alfine 11 would be my choice on the gold bike of mine instead of the dual drive sach3X7. But I love tiagra brifers on the black bike with bullbars and 3X9 sram.

2 solutions I have used on my dual drives for the sockal(?) clip are
1) remove the clip and rest the front QR on the rear drop out and then use a hair bobble around the frame bellow the seatpostclamp to hold the fold together
2) I have used a plate to extend the bracket further behind to avoid interference of the IHG linkage.
(see the dual drive conversion of a Mezzo thread" posted by "bostonblackie"

photos please of the bike. cost?

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