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Originally Posted by prone View Post

1/ As I mentioned before, I also have a Brompton S6R-X9 (sport bars, 6 speed, rack and mudguards and titanium bits). There is no doubt that nothing beats the Brompton for compactness when folded (slightly smaller than the Mezzo), lightness and versatility.

2/If I had to have only one bike I might go with the Brompton, especially for short commuting. However, when it comes to touring with intermittent public transportation I find the Mezzo, particularly my current version, much more enjoyable, and as people keep saying to me in France, tres practique.
1/ I have made this point before I don't agree. Brompton is good package, but I found a Diblasi beats a Bromptom for sheer folding/ commuting ability on a train. Its much slimmer folded and folds and unfolds instantly, quicker than a tikit. Even while walking if you want ! I have owned all three bikes simultaneously. Diblasi is not that much of a slower bike compired to a Bromptom. I regretted selling my Diblasi and sending 5X as much to obtain a secoundhand Brompton.

2 Totally agree with the preference for a Mezzo over the Brompton on faster rides. My upgraded Black bike is in a different league for speed and handling.

That said the Brompton is possibly a more versitile bike as it is more comfortable for pleasure riding. Whereas the stiff,better handling Mezzo suits fast Urban commutes better.

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