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Touring plans cancelled

This seems like a good enough place for it. I had been planning to take off in September for ride through France and Spain, taking in the Atlantic Coast, the Pyrenees and Barcelona. I won't be doing this now, as just under two weeks ago a red-light runner ran me down (or so I'm told, I don't actually have any memory of the incident). I spent 12 hours unconscious and five days in hospital, eventually emerging with two broken ribs and a broken collarbone.

Normally I'm the sort of guy to try to race the clock and get fit in time to do the tour anyway, but this time I'm thinking it's better not to try to push myself this time. Hopefully I can get myself back on the bike eventually and think about a couple of weeks in somewhere like New Zealand or Tasmania in November/December, but even that's a long way off right now. I am slowly recovering and seem to be regaining some movement each day, but damn this sucks!

The one positive is that my (now deceased) bike was insured for quite a bit more than it's actually worth, so I may be able to get something new when I recover.
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