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Bikes: 2010 Trek 7.0 FX

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Well I jumped in, new owner of a 2010 Trek 7.0... pretty happy :)

First off a big thanks to Rider98Glide for being a huge help and contacting the seller for me. You were awesome. Also to everyone else in my original thread I really appreciate your suggestions.

This is what I'm coming from:

A 10+ year old diamondback outlook mtb (I put slicks on it) where the chain skipped..a lot, not sure what the technical term is for it. I call it "the unmanning chain slip" which for guys it would have been worse I'm certain but in my case it's just a bruising of the lady bits . Plus I think it was just waaaaay too small for me.

After months and months of stressing out on whether or not I would find a bike that i liked at the price point I was comfortable with I finally got one. I test rode it and loved it; gears switched easily, the height was just right, everything felt very good, and natural. It came with a mirror, bell, and computer.

Man compared to the beater bike I was using previously it's quite like going from a dilapidated chevy cavalier to a nissan maxima... can't even begin to put into words how different it feels, I may just end up liking this!

I have a few things that I want to do to it now though. I'd like to add a rear rack and some fenders, any suggestions for some decent ones that don't break the bank?
Bike uses-->rack/panniers?
-to class (2 miles hilly)
-to work (2.5 miles hilly)
-gym (1 mile, down hill there, huge hill back)
-possibly grocery store (1.5 miles-3 miles depending on the store)

I am not a fan of riding a bike with a backpack on so if I can find a way to avoid that I'm all on board. I had heard of a backpack rack but can't find the link for it anymore.

*Also maybe a silly question, should i worry about the computer being stolen at all? I don't plan on leaving the bike out all night or anything but some of my classes go from 1130am-915pm where I only have about 40 mins in between so I tend to stay on campus... should I remove it?

Also a few photos...

Sorry for the quality of the pics, I was pretty rushed so I could only snap a few photos... man, I need to sweep the garage.

Yay me! This is a big deal, I rarely splurge on myself
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