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Chekmx, I am sure the nexus hub would be good, as far as I know this is not yet available on the Ori/Mezzo as sold in the UK.
I can tell you that the alfine 11 speed hub (I guess kind of a successor to the nexus 8-speed) works really well on my Mezzo, I just had to relocate the Sokal clip (used to hold the front wheel in the folded position) using a mending plate which I bent. Actually the fold is even snugger now than before. Only down side is that the whole bike now weighs 14 kg, but the gears work extremely well. I'm just back from a week long holiday with lots of hilly terrain and the bike performed really well.

I think a lot of people are put off the Mezzo/Ori because it looks a bit weird but it works very well.

Coming back to the fold-I think it is unlikely that you would be able to fit a front rack since, if you look at the way the bike folds, the front wheel is turned more than 180 degrees anti-clockwise and then fits snugly up against the frame.
Personally, I find the rear commuter bag made for the bike good for commuting and with the side panels removed very spacious for touring-obviously not with a tent etc, just clothes, tools and books. I also use an Ortlieb bar bag.
I couldn't tell you if the On One Bingo Handlebar would work-since it seems to have an adjustable angle, it might. Certainly I have no problems with the handles on my Ergon GC2 grips. The span of my Mezzo handlebars is 56 cm so as long as the bingo bars were not shorter than that they should not interfere with the fold, depending on how you configure the versa shifters, but I would say there is a fair amount of flexibility there.
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