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Originally Posted by amgarcia View Post
I'm pretty sure its a 2009 version, which means it doesn't have eyelets on the fork.
I'm looking for shiny VO parts, a leather saddle, panniers or some other kind of bags, bicycle tools, maybe a front rack as well.

I think the forks are all the same size, so you could take your current fork (if its the 2011) and put it on this CC. I think that's the only difference.

I'm looking for about $320 worth of trades. Post once more and PM me if you'd like.

I don't think I have $320 worth of spare parts. Just my panniers and Brooks Flyer and I love those. I've been looking to trade in my 56cm for a 54cm. It's going to cost me about $200, $150 for dis-assembly and assembly of new bike + $110 depreciation on my 2011 frame minus the cost of a new 54cm frame which I've found for as low as $405. I'm going to post a thread about the idea later. I'm just waiting for an expensive repair as an excuse or maybe a new awesome color.
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