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Originally Posted by SlimRider View Post
Hey there TS!

Walmart plays a very insidious game involving statistics. It's sort of like how the lottery is run. Walmart knows that after a limitted period of time, most of their components will wear out. Most components will wear out, based upon normal wear and tear. Walmart is not responsible for the normal wear and tear on its cheap components. Walmart is only responsible for faulty components or improperly installed components. How do you prove, faulty installment?

The statistical lottery scheme enters the picture, when you understand that most people are not going to bother returning a $99.00 bicycle after its components fail after a few months. In fact, many Walmart customers lose their receipts, don't read or adhere to their warranty rights, and don't care until the actual time of failure. By that time, when no receipt is recoverable or warranty ignorance is realized, the consumer submits to suspended concerns.

Bingo! Walmart wins again!

This is the resounding pattern seen repeatedly all over the country. Large companies that sell cheap products, realize that most dissatisfied customers do not return after only a short period of time has transpired.

Therefore, since educated people in business, study the behavioral trends of the public, and decide to capitalize upon those trends, as opposed to making more reliable goods and providing better services, then that, I believe, is a type of illegal lottery, and therefore, a type of racketeering. Both of which are considered to be felonies.

- Slim
Good luck with your class action lawsuit.
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