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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
OFG, it is hard to find good shoes in larger sizes that are stiff enough for cycling and narrow enough to fit into traditional quill style pedals. I have a pair of the same paramount shoes, which I got in a trade from another forum member, and have been thinking along the same lines as OP. I was actually thinking of cutting a pair of soles out of an old bicycle tire and sticking them on with contact cement.
Originally Posted by norskagent View Post
^ correct, I had been looking (on and off) for US size ~10 to 10.5 vintage shoes for a long time. Quill pedals, right, that's what I meant. Most of my riding is on my quill-pedaled bikes (6), I have one clipless equipped bike, and a spd mtn. bike. I have nice Lake road shoes for the one bike. I will look into the 3M stuff, thanks!
The shoes are marked "made in Italy", they seem very nice and quality.
I understand all of that, I just don't understand why you wouldn't want the extra advantage of a cleat if you were going to use shoes that are single purposed. It's not like you can walk in them very well, even without the cleat.
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